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  1. Mexican Day of The Dead - Diego Rivera Mural

    Under The Volcano – Malcolm Lowry

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    Publisher: Penguin Modern Classics

    Having never read David Foster Wallace, it is probably unfair of me to begin a review of Malcolm Lowry’s Under The Volcano with a comment on his work, however, I once had the pleasure of a conversation with a girl, a customer in an establishment I used to work, who upon discussing the various authors she enjoyed groaned at the name of David Foster Wallace. Other than a yet incomplete reading of Everything and More, (it’s about maths), I had no insight, so her groan only prompted a question. Was David Foster Wallace not an American literary hero, a compatriot of this girl, a cultural icon she should revere? “He’s afraid of silence,” she said. She grew dramatic: “Enough,” she said. “I get it. Cut out the footnotes and endless references. I can read between the lines. Trust me, you don’t need to fill in every blank.”
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  2. The Party Of Dissapointed People Logo

    The Tunnel – William H. Gass

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    Publisher: The Dalkey Archive

    Darkness is made of disgraced light, and the deepest fell on the first day, even as the sound of Lu-ci-fer—the first word—faded.

    The roof of the bandstand looks like the thorny crown for a nuns corpse.

    Meet William Kohler, the founding and sole member of the Party of Disappointed People. A historian, he has completed his magnum opus, a monumental study on Guilt and Innocence in Hitler’s Germany, and has but the introduction to write. Instead, from the basement of his home, he digs a tunnel, and turns his pen on himself.
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  3. Cover of The Skin

    The Skin by Curzio Malaparte – A Review

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    Published by: The New York Review of Books

    Prefaced by a dedication to “the honorable American soldiers who were my comrades-in-arms… and who died in vain in the cause of European freedom,” Curzio Malaparte imparts a warning before The Skin opens. It’s a warning that should be heeded.

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  4. Cesar Vallejo - The Complete Poetry (Cover)

    Cesar Vallejo – The Complete Poetry

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    Published by: The University of California Press

    On mother’s day, on the 30th March this year, a present arrived for me, from Ursula, my wife and mother of my child, that put my measly pretence of a gift in the shade. The Complete Poetry of César Vallejo, a Peruvian poet from the early 20th century, was the last thing I would have expected, for I was not only woefully ignorant of him, but could not recall having ever heard of him before. Being no expert in poetry, and in fact, being in the case of poetry quite a light reader, I would in most cases have just brushed this lack of knowledge off, settled down and, with a glass or two of whiskey, become acquainted. However, I soon discovered that this was no ordinary omission.

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